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Wireless Rechargeable Warming Glove Liners

Item # 206948

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FITS IN YOUR GLOVES! When days are bitter cold, gloves alone are not enough! Slip the Wireless Rechargeable Warming Glove Liners underneath your regular gloves for hours of steady, soothing warmth. They're made of micro-thin elastic material plus high-tech carbon fiber for a great fit. Simply click a button to select your warming level (Low, Medium, High) for up to 5 hours of comfort. They're so soft and warm, you won't want to take them off! Available in XS, S/M (fits most women), L/XL (fits most men) and XXL. Sizing info below. NOTE: Can be worn as standalone gloves, however, we recommend that you wear them underneath your winter gloves for maximum warmth.
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