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Traveler’s Compression Socks

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Traveler’s Compression Socks feature 15-20mmHg graduated compression — the strongest compression available without a prescription! They fit most snugly in the foot and ankle to promote circulation in the lower body, reduce swelling and improve stamina. Ideal for frequent fliers, they also help reduce the threat of Deep Vein Thrombosis (“DVT”) — blood clots in the leg caused by sitting for too long. Patented DriStride technology keeps feet dry too. Unisex design, available in Charcoal, Brown, Black or Earth (Tan). Sizes M (Men's 5-8½ / Women’s 6½-10), L (Men’s 7-10 ½ / Women’s 8 ½-11 ½) and XL (Men’s 11-13).
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