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The Terra Trike just might be the most innovative self-powered transportation on the planet! This recumbent tricycle is designed to be stable, reliable and fun. With its tadpole design (two wheels up front and one behind) this amazingly sturdy recumbent trike is built to comfortably hold riders up to 400 pounds. The TerraTrike features a seat that’s at least four inches higher than other recumbent trikes – so it’s easier to get in and out of. Plus it features powerful disc brake, 3-speed internally geared maintenance free hub, and a turning radius tighter than most two wheelers. You’ll love the TerraTrike so much you’ll want to ride it indoors – and you can if you add the available indoor stabilizer! Available in 3 different sizes so you can tailor your ride to your size. This isn’t your grandmother’s trike – it’s the smart new TerraTrike!
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