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Spring Loaded Insoles

Item # 202478

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Built with 12 springs that cushion and support the foot, Spring Loaded Insoles return energy to the body for a “push off” with every stride. Five coils are positioned directly underneath the heel to counter the effects of body weight. Seven smaller springs under the ball of the foot further disperse the impact and cradle the foot. Suspension coils are only .25" thick, making them ideal for athletic shoes, dress shoes or work boots. Honeycomb padding features built-in valves that draw in and expel air during walking for constant circulation that keeps shoes dry. Trimmable for perfect fit. Available in S (Men’s 4-6/Women’s 5.5-7.5), M (Men’s 7-8/Women’s 8-9.5), L (Men’s 9-10/Women’s 10-11.5) and XL (Men’s 11-13/Women’s 12-13.5).
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