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Sleep Well Gift Box

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No one deserves a good night’s sleep like she does! Help her rest in peaceful slumber with the Sleep Well Gift Box from the Sharper Image. Treat her to the Sleep Therapy Mask that helps her go to sleep faster, and sleep deeper. Not just a light blocker, this sleep mask helps an overactive mind power down thanks to a soft blue glow that transitions anxious thoughts to a state of relaxation and rest. For drowning out annoying noises that keep her awake, give her the soft and cozy Sleep Assisting Headphones. She can drift off to her most soothing playlist, thanks to soft and stretchy fleece headphones – possibly the world’s most comfortable way to listen to music in bed. Compatible with almost every audio system and ebook reader. She’ll also love this Six Sound Soother for lush, layered nature sounds that can be programmed for different time options. She can fall asleep to Ocean Surf, Stream, Rain, White Noise, Summer Night or Wind – and add sounds, too. Nothing says “good night, sleep tight” every night like the Sleep Well Gift Box from the Sharper Image.
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