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RC 2 IN 1 Helicopter Car

Item # 200214

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Until they come up with a flying car our driving and flying RC 2 in 1 Vehicle is the next best thing! You’ve never seen anything like this RC verticar. One minute you’re driving it like any RC car, then with the flip of a switch it takes off like a helicopter! This remote control verticar uses counter-rotating blade design to make it exceptionally stable to fly – even if you’ve never flown an infrared control verticar before. Available in yellow and red, the RC 2 in 1 Vehicle is ready to fly right out of the box. It uses flashing LED lights to make it easier to fly in low light condition, and the twin stick control is also the charger, so you can charge the batteries anywhere anytime! Whether you drive it on the ground or take off for the skies, this RC verticar just might be the most amazing radio controlled vehicle you’ve ever seen! ONLY AVAILABLE IN YELLOW.
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