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Clean Cut Automatic Paper Towel Dispenser

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The Clean Cut Automatic Paper Towel Dispenser gives you hands-free paper towel dispensing and cutting, which cuts down on contamination and waste. Imagine how many times you’ve spread germs while trying to pull a sheet from your paper towel roll or taking too many sheets based on the towel perforations. The Clean Cut touchless paper towel dispenser keeps your paper towel roll from rolling across your counters and floors. How? This automatic paper towel dispenser has easy under-cupboard installation. You can use your favorite roll of paper towels. When you need a paper towel, just place your hand between two LED sensors to activate the dispensing. Move your hand to another set of LED sensors, and your paper towel will automatically cut, and stay put until you take it. No kitchen or household is complete without the under-cupboard Clean Cut Automatic Paper Towel Dispenser - the electronic paper towel dispenser that will be your favorite appliance.
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