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AirTamer Travel Air Purifier

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Sitewide Savings - 20% Off Sitewide + Free Shipping with Rebate! Promo Code: SAVE20The AirTamer Travel Air Purifier naturally cleans the air around you, so you breathe in less pollen, dust, viruses, bacteria and other airborne contaminants. How does it work? Simply wear it around your neck and turn it on. It emits 2 million healthy negative ions per second. These negative ions cling to airborne particles and are then drawn toward positively charged objects and surfaces (away from your nose and mouth). As a result, you get a 3-ft. “sphere” of fresh, clean air to breathe, similar to the ion-rich air found near waterfalls and oceans. Operates 170 hours on set of batteries. TSA and FAA approved. Includes metal storage case and batteries.
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