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2-in-1 Filter Cartridge for the Self-Cleaning Humidifier

Item # 206373

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20% Off Sitewide + Free Shipping with Rebate. Promo Code: CYBER20Keep your Self-Cleaning Humidifier running cleanly and smoothly with a new 2-in-1 Filter Cartridge. It reduces water hardness, filters out harmful substances such as copper, lead and mercury and removes unpleasant odors from water. It lasts up to 6 months and includes a water test strip to determine how long the filter will last based on your local water hardness. Includes 1 cartridge. Please note: This unit replaces an older cartridge, the Demineralization Cartridge for Self-Cleaning Humidifier, Item No. 205289. Either one can be used in your Self-Cleaning Humidifier.
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