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Smart Sensing Digital Humidifier

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WORLD'S SMARTEST HUMIDIFIER... AUTOMATICALLY ADJUSTS TO DESIRED HUMIDITY! Did you know too much humidity in your home can lead to mold, bacteria and allergy/asthma flare-ups? Fortunately, the Smart Sensing Digital Humidifier monitors your air moisture and adjusts itself automatically for optimum health and comfort. This compact, quiet device makes warm or cool mist to soothe dry sinuses and skin, while killing airborne germs. A built-in microcomputer keeps the humidity “just right” throughout the year. Features a 360° misting nozzle, automatic and manual operation modes, sleep mode, optional shutoff timer and a reservoir that holds enough water for up to 60 hours of mist. Includes 1 demineralization cartridge to prevent white dust residue from tap water minerals.
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