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Fuel for Tabletop Fireplace

Item # 207269

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Keep your Tabletop Fireplace or Tabletop Round Fireplace operating at peak performance by stocking up on extra fuel. Clean-burning and odor-free, this liquid bio-ethanol fuel for ventless fireplaces is the only type of fuel approved for your Tabletop Fireplace (Item No. 206079) or Tabletop Round Fireplace (Item No. 206908). Enjoy the warmth, comfort, and authentic atmosphere of a real fire, without the hassle of smoke, soot, melted wax, or dirty ashes. Each pack contains either six or twelve 1-liter bottles (1L is enough fuel for approximately 5 hours of continuous operation). Available in a 6-pack or 12-pack. Note: Be sure to exclusively use “liquid bio-ethanol fuel for ventless fireplaces” in your Tabletop Fireplace or Tabletop Round Fireplace. Do not use any other type of fuel as a substitute. Fuel cannot be shipped to Alaska or Hawaii.
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