iPod Classic Alarm Clock Radio

You’ll love the classic analog tuning dial of the iPod Classic Alarm Clock Radio. It’s so authentic looking, the only feature that gives a visual nod to the present is the iPod dock on the top. Otherwise, this alarm clock radio has the dials, buttons and clock face of a bygone era.

Don’t worry that the sound quality is ‘retro’ because this iPod alarm clock is built with patented AroundSound® design that boasts great clarity, without the hotspots you might expect. Your listening enjoyment will be exceptional when you wake up to this iPod Classic Alarm Clock Radio in the morning.

Go ahead and enjoy looking at the sleek rounded corners of this alarm clock radio’s design, coupled with the tuning dial and analog clock face. It’s a great package visually, and when you play the iPod Classic Alarm Clock Radio, you’ll fall in love with the sound quality.

•Alarm clock feature set to analog clock

•Tuning dial gives iPod alarm clock a great retro appearance

•Features sleek rounded corners

•Boasts AroundSound® design for great sound clarity

•Dock and play your iPod or iPhone

•Compatible with all iPhones. Apple Lighting Adaptor needed for iPhone 5

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Length: 7.25  Inches
Width: 7.5
Height: 5  Inches
Weight: 3.5 Lbs