iPhone/iPad Stereo Microphone

The iPhone/iPad Stereo Microphone plugs into your Apple device's docking plug, and has an external pair of condenser microphones that provide superb analog-to-digital audio. Yet, the iPhone/iPad Stereo Microphone is compact enough to go anywhere with you, in your pocket. Works with any recording app. The microphones can be adjusted 180° for rich sounding recording fidelity, capturing the audio elements you want to record while enhancing the reality with the ambient sounds of the environment.

It has its own microphone pre-amp and analog-to-digital converter for low noise and exceptional sound quality. The iPhone/iPad Stereo Microphone can handle up to 125 dB sound levels for capturing a variety of noise levels without distorting the sound and a stereo limiter to subdue loud bursts of sound.

It has a USB input so that you can charge your microphone through a computer or use a power adapter to avoid cutting off extended recording sessions when the device has run out of power. The iPhone/iPad Stereo Microphone is great for recording live audio, writing songs using the help of an app, or gathering sound effects for productions or remixes.

• Stereo Condenser Microphones

• Compatible with iPad, iPad 2, the new iPad generation 3, iPhone and iPod Touch

• Attaches to dock connector

• Records with CD digital quality

• Adjusts 180° from front to back

• Built-in analog-to-digital converter

• Has an integrated microphone preamp

• Adjustable input level control

• Compact for portability

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Length: 0.75  Inches
Width: 2.75
Height: 0.5  Inches
Weight: 0.19 Lbs