iPhone/iPad Remote Controlled Helicopter

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Turn your Apple iPhone, iPad or iPodTouch into your cockpit controls and take command of the skies with the The iPhone/iPad Remote Controlled Helicopter. Simply charge the helicopter, download the free controller app from the App Store and you're ready to lift off. Your chopper will take to the air with you at the helm from your Apple device. The app controls are amazingly intuitive —just maneuver the buttons, accelerator slide and joystick on the screen to make the helicopter go up and down, hover, and head in any direction you choose. Compatible with all iPhones, iPod Touch and all iPads.

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iPhone/iPad Remote Controlled Helicopter

The iSuper Helicopter iPhone/iPad Remote Controlled Helicopter can be flown indoors or outside within a range of about 60-ft. from the Apple device controlling it. It is equipped with self-righting capabilities to take care of itself so it the helicopter always looks like it's floating effortlessly through the air. "Record" and "play" buttons on the remote device screen memorizes flight routes so you can recreate it at some later time. Includes rechargeable battery (AC-charger included).

• Download app to transform all iPhones, iPod Touch and all iPads into a remote helicopter controller

• Helicopter comes out of the box pre-assembled, ready to fly

• Utilizes state-of-the-art wireless technology to communicate

• For indoor or outdoor play

• Has an emergency “Stop” button on the screen to turn off the power engine

• Controllable distance is currently about 60 ft.

• Two or more pilots can race, chase and compete with each

• Hit “Record” and “play” buttons on control screen to memorize flying route for later playback

• Includes rechargeable battery (AC-charger included)

• For ages 12 and up

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Length: 14.5  Inches
Width: 2.6
Height: 5.9  Inches
Weight: 0.26 Lbs

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