iPad Stand

Whether it's on your lap or sitting on a desktop, it securely holds your iPad2 so it's comfortably and ergonomically positioned. It even serves as an upright “easel" stand that lets you use it as the perfect electronic cookbook for your counter, or to make important presentations at work or at school. The Foam iPad2 Stand lets you lay it on a tabletop face down to prevent any inadvertent damage to its screen, and is a secure, safe way to carry your tablet in a briefcase or backpack.

• Molded foam rubber stand for use on your lap or at a table

• Stand it up to provide an easel for iPad2 presentations and display functions

• Lets you use your iPad2 in landscape or portrait modes

• Perfect for school home and office

• Compatible with iPad 2 and the new iPad generation 3

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Length: 9  Inches
Width: 11
Height: 4  Inches
Weight: 1.856 Lbs