Wood-Fired Portable BBQ Grill

The powerful Wood-Fired Portable BBQ Grill is faster than charcoal grills, and hotter than propane grills. Its built-in 5-speed turbo fan feeds air to the wood-burning fire to achieve temperatures of up to 1,100°F in less than 5 minutes! Just add a piece of hardwood, start it with a wad of paper and you’re just minutes away from delicious, wood-fired barbecue meals in the backyard, campground, beach or tailgate party. Try it with different woods to change the flavor, from hickory to mesquite! The 14" cooking grid accommodates 3 large Porterhouse steaks. Available in black, red or grey.

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Wood-Fired Portable BBQ Grill

The powerful Wood-Fired Portable BBQ Grill reaches temperatures up to 1,100 degrees F in less than 5 minutes, so you can experience the amazing flavors of wood-grilled meats at home!

• Portable BBQ grill

• Burns dry hardwood (maple, cherry, apple, oak, etc.) or ecological logs (without wax or chemicals) made of sliced sawdust. You can also use wood charcoal if you do not have access to natural wood.

• Each variety of hardwood gives a different flavor to food

• Hardwood blocks should ideally measure less than 2'' in thickness, 2” in width, and no more than 3” in length

• Use a frying pan for a real breakfast in the outdoors

• Adjustable 5-speed fan supplies air to the fire to control the heat level

• 65,000 BTUs

• Primary cooking surface area: 152-square inches

• No explosive fuel or propane

• Ecological, burns 99.6% of its gases

• Fast, ready to cook in five minutes

• Reaches temperatures of 1,100 degrees F

• Can be used on any surface — base always remains cold

• Close the lid tight and set the fan at lower speed to smoke meals

• Porcelain-colored finish

• Add wood to the fire while the grill is working

• Starts with a wad of paper or a solid fire starter

• Do not use lighter fluid

• Do not use resin wood (cedar, fir, pine, etc.) as it may cause sparks

• Cools in 15 minutes

• Includes carry case

• Available in black, red or grey

• Fan requires 8 D batteries or plugs into an AC outlet or auto cigarette lighter


Length: 14.75  Inches
Width: 14.75
Height: 17  Inches
Weight: 22 Lbs


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