Wireless Portable Speaker System

How many times have you had to make a presentation and had to lug a cumbersome speaker system with you? Or gone to a park and wished for portable speaker to share your music with friends? Or wanted an easy to use a speaker phone for conference calls? The Soundmatters Speaker System is the answer to all that, in a high fidelity wireless portable speaker system you can slip in your pocket. No wonder it was one of Time Magazine’s Top Ten Gadgets for 2008.

The Soundmatters Speaker System is so advanced; it seems a shame to call it a portable sound system. Sure, this portable speaker has amazed reviewers nationwide with its deep bass and open highs. But this portable audio speaker also features ‘business-quality’ wireless hands free microphones for spur of the moment conference calls and speakerphone use.

The Soundmatters Speaker System features rechargeable lithium-ion batteries to give you up to 5 hours of battery life. Of course you can also connect the portable audio speaker to a wall socket to play indefinitely – plus this amazing portable sound system also includes a universal power travel adapter kit!

There’s no portable sound system like the Soundmatters Speaker System. Here’s why:

• Portable speaker with the highest fidelity resolution

• Wirelessly connect to any Bluetooth enabled audio source including iPods, MP3 players or laptops

• Portable audio speaker with up to 5 hours battery life

• ‘Business-Quality’ wireless hands free microphones for speakerphone or conference use

• Universal power adapter kit included with portable audio speaker

• Portable sound system also has an output for an optional powered subwoofer

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Length: 5.6  Inches
Width: 1.4
Height: 2.2  Inches
Weight: 0.60 Lbs