Wireless LED Candles (Set of 6)

Our newly redesigned Wireless LED Candles are easy to use. They don’t even have an on/off switch! Simply unscrew the top, insert two AA alkaline batteries positive side (“+”) up and replace the top. The automatic timer is now set, and the candle will stay on for 8 hours, and off for 16 hours. The cycle repeats every day at the same time until the batteries expire.

• Set of 6 wireless LED candles

• Built-in timer keeps them on for 8 hours, off for 16 hours

• Cycle repeats every day until the batteries expire or you repeat the set-up process

• LEDs are cool to the touch and safe for windows

• LED candles last 10X longer than incandescent battery-operated candles

• Realistic flame color and flicker

• Ideal for window sills or dining tables

• Not for use with rechargeable batteries

• Candles require 2 AA alkaline batteries each (12 total)

• Candles require 2 AA alkaline batteries each (12 total)

•See manual for instructions here.

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Length: 1.75  Inches
Width: 1.75
Height: 9  Inches
Weight: 0.1 Lbs