Wireless Bicycle Turn Signal

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Increase your visibility and reduce your chances of mishaps or accidents by using the Wireless Turn and Hazard/Safety Signaling System. This sophisticated wireless turn signal unit attaches to your rear seat post and the push button controller attaches to the handlebars for easy accessibility. Ultra bright LED signal and audible beeping sound alerts other bikers and motorist of your intentions in advance. Easy to mount and dismount the durable plastic housing is water resistant and includes a replaceable CR2032 battery in the remote and requires 3 AAA replaceable batteries in the pod. The Signaling System features both left and right turn signals as well as a hazard/safety mode that are suitable for both day and night riding. All mounting hardware included.

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Wireless Bicycle Turn Signal

Increase rider safety and signal your next move with this Wireless Turn and Hazard/Safety Signaling System. Give a head’s up with the left or right turn or hazard/safety ultra-bright LED signals. The system mounts quickly and easily. Simply push the indicator button and activate the needed signal to alert other bicyclist or motorist of your next turn. Excellent accessory for family fun ride or for the serious biker. Add visibility and safety to both day and night riding.

• Bike signals alerts bikers and motorists behind you to your next move

• Let your intentions be known to others on the road with clearer signaling day or night

• Audible beeping adds to attention-getting device

• Control signal with manual on/off

• Wireless controller is easy to reach mounted to the handlebar

• Push button to activate ultra-bright Red LEDs in right or left turn signal and hazard/safety lighting

• Durable water resistant plastic case for signal pod and remote control

• Easily mounted and dismounted under the seat on shaft

• Bonus hazard/safety lights on the Signal Pod for added visibility

• LED lights on the wireless controller light to indicate which signal is activated on in the Signal Pod

• Simply press the left or right button on the remote control to turn in that direction

• Mounting hardware included with simple step by step instructions

• Includes replaceable CR2032 battery for remote

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Length: 2.75  Inches
Width: 3.75
Height: 6  Inches
Weight: 0.5 Lbs



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