Wireless Audio Listener

The rechargeable Wireless Audio Listener cancels background noise while it clarifies the sound of TV, music and live conversations — so you can resume the activities you’ve been missing, without being tethered to boxes and cables!

• Compact and comfortable wireless listening device

• Super lightweight: entire device weighs less than 1 lb.

• Works up to 8 hours on a full charge

• Under-the-chin “stethoscope-style” receiver

• Amplifies and clarifies any device with an audio output

• Compatible with all TVs, stereos, CD players, iPhones, iPads, iPods, Samsung Galaxies, other Android devices, and MP3 players

• Transmits via reliable radio signals (2.4GHz wireless technology)

• Transmits audio signal through walls, ceiling and floors

• Wireless range: 90 feet

• Does not interfere with cordless phones, garage doors, microwaves or other systems

• Built-in volume control and left/right sound balance

• 4 tone settings for easy adjustment of tone clarity

• Headset mute button turns off sound from transmitter and turns on the built-in microphone to amplify conversations around you

• Convenient charging base with speed charging

• Connects to virtually any device via RCA jacks or 3.5mm headphone jack

• PLEASE NOTE: If this device is connected via the red and white RCA jacks on the TV or cable box, it will be possible for other people in the room to hear the TV, by using the volume control on the TV. If this device is connected via the 3.5mm headphone jack, other people in the room will not be able to hear the TV.

• Includes connection cables, earbuds and 2 rechargeable batteries

• Charger plugs into an AC outlet

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Length: 9  Inches
Width: 1
Height: 5  Inches
Weight: 0.75 Lbs


Please click here for the product manual.