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The Vinturi Wine Aerator allows you to pour the perfectly aerated glass of wine, instantly and repeatedly. Your wine will taste better with the Vinturi Wine Aerator than aerating in a wine decanter. You’ll experience a superior flavor, and better mouth feel. Your wine will taste like a richer, more expensive wine; one that has a smoother finish. And, through amazing engineering, you can simply remove the cork or wine stopper on your opened bottle of wine, and pour a perfectly aerated glass through your Vinturi Wine Aerator. This wine aerator instantly softens the tannins, and noticeably improves the flavor and texture.

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Wine Aerator

You have the desire to serve and enjoy the perfectly aerated glass of wine, but do you have the time to transfer a newly opened bottle to a wine decanter, and then allow it to breathe for the correct amount of time? Or, will you leave your expensive red in the wine decanter too long, allowing it to lose its flavor?

Now, the perfect glass of wine is just moments away. As soon as you open your bottle, or remove the wine stopper from an already opened bottle, you can pour through the Vinturi Wine Aerator to experience the full aroma of the wine. With the Vinturi, the tannins are softened, and flavors are greatly enhanced!

How does the Vinturi Wine Aerator work? When you pour your glass, the Vinturi increases the wine’s velocity and decreases pressure. It draws in and mixes the right amount of air for the perfect length of time. The result? Aromantic differences that you will notice immediately, and a smoother texture. Vinturi instantly achieves the same results as a wine decanter, only better and faster. And instead of wasting the better part of a bottle, you can use your wine stopper in between your servings to preserve your wine. Simply remove the cork or wine stopper and pour the perfectly aerated glass of wine every time, with the Vinturi Wine Aerator.

• Wine aerator softens the tannins and improves the flavor

• Simply remove your cork or wine stopper, and pour through the Vinturi

• Vinturi delivers perfect aeration every time you pour a glass of wine

• Get the same aeration as with a wine decanter, only in a fraction of the time

• Your glass of aerated wine tastes better, smoother, and more expensive

• Vinturi mixes the right amount of air into the wine as you pour

• Reduces aftertaste or bitterness

• Better bouquet, aroma and texture

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Length: 1  Inches
Width: 2
Height: 6  Inches
Weight: 0.5 Lbs

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