Wine Aerator Tower

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This wine aerator tower perfectly and instantly aerates your wine as you pour. This deluxe wine aerator set gives you a sophisticated tower to cradle the Vinturi wine aerator. Use the wine aerator to allow your just-opened red wine to instantly breathe, with or without the tower. Just open your wine and serve through this convenient wine pourer; it draws in and mixes the proper amount of air for the perfect amount of time. The aerator sits on top of the tower, giving the wine pourer the perfect glass, every time. This Wine Aerator Set instantly gives you the smooth finish of an expensive wine decanter set. Eliminates mess for the wine pourer with its no-splash grate! Easy to clean and store, dishwasher safe. You, and your just-opened wine will breathe easier with the Vinturi Wine Aerator Set Deluxe.

Wine Aerator Tower

Traditionally, enthusiasts would use a wine decanter set to aerate wine. Allowing a wine to breathe allowed it to open up, and release the aromas and flavors that were meant to be enjoyed. But this has proven to be time consuming and messy. Now, the Vinturi Wine Aerator Set Deluxe gives you perfect aeration in the time it takes to pour a glass of your favorite wine.

Just pour your newly opened wine through the Vinturi aerator, and you will have the perfectly aerated glass of wine, instantly.

No more spills while transferring your favorite bottle to a wine decanter set. The Vinturi aerator sits on top of the tower to give the wine pourer a perfect glass.

• 2-Piece aerator is an improvement over a wine decanter set

• Includes tower and wine aerator from Vinturi

• Wine Aerator Set Deluxe is a two-unit design

• Easy to clean and easy to store; each piece dishwasher safe

• Mixes proper amount of air; easily and conveniently enhances flavor, bouquet, and finish of any wine

• Tower features a stylish no-splash grate, which eliminates mess for wine pourer

• Vinturi delivers perfect aeration every time you pour a glass

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Length: 6.5  Inches
Width: 7.5
Height: 16  Inches
Weight: 4 Lbs

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