Weatherproof Wireless Speaker

The Weatherproof Wireless Speaker employs 900 MHz technology for extended range—up to 100-ft. Simply attach the transmitter into your stereo or other audio devices, plug it in and turn it on.

A remote control is included to power on and off the speaker, adjust the volume, and turn on and off the speaker’s blue light, without having to get up from your chair or hammock. The Weatherproof Wireless Speaker plugs into an AC outlet or for even more portability when you're camping, picnicking or boating, it can be operated with 6 D batteries.

• Provides ultra clear stereo sound

• Weatherproof—use indoors and out

• Easy to carry with built-in handle

• Employs frequency-hopping technology

• 70 dB ratio, 2 x 4W power with muting

• Auto on/off control and auto tuning

• Bass/boost selection

• Magnetic shielded speakers

• 900 MHz digital technology speaker system

• Wireless range is 100 ft. with no line of sight limitation

• Speaker requires 6 D batteries or plug it into an AC outlet

• Remote requires 2 AA batteries

• Includes the AC adaptor for speaker

• Included AC adaptor for the transmitter

• Transmitter will charge your iPod, iPad, iPhone when connected

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Length: 7.75  Inches
Width: 7.75
Height: 11.25  Inches
Weight: 4.38 Lbs