Weather Alert Radio with Warning Light

The weather is not just a topic for small talk – it can be serious business. Use this Weather Alert Radio with Warning Light to keep you informed at all times. But you don’t have to stay in one spot; keep moving about your home and let the module continue to alert you to check the main unit for updates in the weather. Program up to 25 location codes, and receive warnings and alerts for whichever ones you need.

• Wherever you are, be aware of a weather alert

• Features S.A.M.E. technology (Specific Area Message Encoding)

• Set 25 locations so you’ll be safe, wherever you go

• Remote audio alert modules

• Warning alert buzzer

• NOAA weather alert radio

• Alarm and snooze set

• Stay in tune and up to date with the AM/FM weather alert digital clock radio

• LCD display and alarm clock

• 3 level alert light bar (Advisory: green, Watch: yellow, Warning: red)

• Multi room alert with 2 modules – 164 ft. range

• 6 preset radio stations

• Detachable stand and wall mount options

• Audio alert tones are 90 dB

• Comes with base station, AC adaptor and 2 wireless modules

• Requires 3 AA batteries

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Length: 7.00  Inches
Width: 4.30
Height: 1.10  Inches
Weight: 1.20 Lbs