Water Filtration Cup

Replace your costly bottled water with the reusable Water Filtration Cup. It works like a French press coffee maker… just fill it up, push the filter down and enjoy clean, odor-free water in seconds.

• Available in a stylish Steel/Gray color combo

• Large 16-oz. capacity

• Filters water in 15-30 seconds

• Cleans water from any source

• Removes impurities that affect the taste and odor of water

• Removes 99.99% of bacteria (such as E. coli)

• Removes chemicals, pharmaceuticals and heavy metals (chlorine, sulfur, Penicillin, industrial chemicals, pharmaceuticals, lead, aluminum, etc.)

• 100% BPA free

• Made of durable 18/8 stainless steel

• Ideal for camping, hiking, outdoor sports, travel, gym, office, etc.

• Sleek, stylish design looks great anywhere

• Dishwasher safe (remove filter before washing)

• Replaceable filter cleans about 40 gallons of water (or, 3 glasses a day for 3 months), roughly 300 uses

• Includes one green "Trail" filter, which provides protection in the United States

• Extra "Trail" filters are available at SharperImage.com (Item No. 202482)

• For international use, purchase the extra-strength orange "Travel" filter at SharperImage.com (Item No. 202484)

• "Trail" and "Travel" filters are interchangeable

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Length: 2.75  Inches
Width: 2.75
Height: 9.2  Inches
Weight: 1.25 Lbs