WWII: The Ultimate Collection is more than a set of World War II movies – it’s a moving picture memorial, a way for current generations to learn about and honor those who fought. Each film in this exclusive collection was specifically selected for the quality of its content.

• Includes 44 films and documentaries — more than 30 hours on 24 discs

• Includes footage and films not in other compilations, including first-person accounts of the war

• Includes Academy Award® winner The True Glory (Best Documentary, 1946)

• Includes Academy Award® winner December 7th (Best Documentary/Short Subject, 1944) in its rare, extended version

• Includes actual footage of Generals Henry H. “Hap” Arnold and Douglas MacArthur

• Includes official signing ceremony of the surrender of Japan aboard the USS Missouri

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Length: 11.00  Inches
Width: 1.94
Height: 7.63  Inches
Weight: 1.05 Lbs