Travel UV Sanitizing Wand

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Before you unpack, unpack the Verilux Travel UV Sanitizing Wand. It uses powerful Ultraviolet-C light to significantly reduce microscopic germs, mold and dust mites. This 10" battery-operated wand sanitizes bedding, towels, chairs, doorknobs, light switches, bathroom fixtures and remote controls, killing up to 99.9% of bacteria, E-coli, MRSA, H1N1 and other health hazards. Tuck one in your carry-on bag for airport lounges, restaurants and airline seats.

Travel UV Sanitizing Wand

The Verilux Travel UV Sanitizing Wand uses powerful UV-C light to kill up to 99.9% of bacteria, molds, viruses and other health hazards.

• Compact, cordless design is ideal for travel

• UV-C light penetrates viral and bacterial germs

• Sanitizes bedding, bathrooms and hard surfaces

• Kills up to 99.9% of H1N1 virus with 1-second exposure

• Kills up to 99.9% of E-coli, mold, fungi and bacteria

• Tucks easily in small bags or suitcases

• An internal safety switch will automatically turn the system off if the light source is turned upward in order to protect eyes from exposure

• Requires 4 AA batteries

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Length: 10.39  Inches
Width: 1.5
Height: 1.5  Inches
Weight: 0.32 Lbs



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