Ultrasonic Anti-Bark Dog Trainer

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Your dog can bark a warning of danger which is good (remember Lassie?), or your dog can constantly bark for no apparent reason and cause a real problem for you and your neighbors. The Anti-Bark Dog Corrective Device corrects problem barking by responding, bark-for-bark, with a humane ultrasonic burst that encourages dogs to use their "inside voice."

Ultrasonic Anti-Bark Dog Trainer

You can set The Anti-Bark Dog Corrective Device so only dogs can hear it (select "ultrasonic") or so both dogs and humans can hear it (select "audible”). Adjust the burst sensitivity slide control to make its burst more effective. . Covers up to 30-ft. Operates with AC adapter or by 4 D batteries (not included).

• Dog's bark automatically triggers corrective ultrasonic bursts to help correct boredom or annoyance barking habits

• Selector switch for ultrasonic or audible settings

• Sensitivity selector slide switch adjusts to your dog's barking pitch

• Dual speakers

• Twin dual piezo-ceramic transducers

• Test button

• Operates with AC adapter 9 (included) or by 4 "D" Batteries (not included)

• LED status light

• Up to 30 ft radius coverage area

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Length: 5.75  Inches
Width: 3
Height: 7  Inches
Weight: 2 Lbs

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