UV Light and Water Air Purifier Revitalizer

At just 10 inches tall, you might be surprised at how hard this UV Light and Water Air Purifier Revitalizer works in your home! It releases negative ions and makes your air cleaner and healthier – thanks to UV light that kills bacteria and viruses. Be healthier and more comfortable! You’ll be amazed and will enjoy how clean and pleasant your home’s air quality becomes!

• Purifier kills bacteria and viruses

• 1 full tank of water lasts 24-72 hours depending on the dryness/humidity in the air

• Recommended to change the water daily

• Covers an approximate 600 sq. ft. room

• 7 layer water filtration system

• Releases negative ions, delivering clean and healthy air

• Adds humidity - ideal for air conditioned and heated environments

• The shimmering light and whirlpool of swirling water create a tranquil environment

• High efficiency air cleaner purifier

• Just use tap water to refill

• Add a few drops of aroma oil to water and it works as an air freshener (included)

• Comes in black

• AC or USB powered; provides low-energy usage

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Length: 7  Inches
Width: 7
Height: 10  Inches
Weight: 4 Lbs