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UV-C Sanitizing Knife System

The UV-C Sanitizing Knife System uses 254 nanometer light waves to silently destroy 99% of all germs, viruses, mold, bacteria and other microbes — in just 20 minutes. The magnetic interior holds up to 10 knives and a pair of scissors in place, and the two 4W UV-C bulbs are rated to last 20 years (5,000 hours at 40 minutes per day). Features one-touch operation and auto-shutoff.

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UV-C Sanitizing Knife System

The UV-C Sanitizing Knife System produces over 20,000uw/cm2 per second to guarantee thorough sterilization of your kitchen knives. It’s the most powerful sanitizing system ever available for home use.

• All-natural, chemical-free way to keep knives free of bacteria, viruses and other contaminants

• Easy-to-use, one-touch operation — simply press “on” button to begin 20-minute sanitizing process

• UV wavelength: 200-280 nanometers

• Two 4W bulbs

• Auto shutoff after 20-minute sanitizing process

• Shuts off when unit is overturned or tilted

• Magnetic interior holds knives in place

• Silent operation

• Plugs into an AC outlet


Length: 11  Inches
Width: 5
Height: 13  Inches
Weight: 5 Lbs


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