Travel Humidifier

Dry overheated air can cause nosebleeds, headaches and dry itchy skin. Humidifiers are a great solution, but there’s no way you can travel with an ordinary humidifier…the water tank is too large and cumbersome. So until now you had to leave your humidifier at home when traveling, and suffer the consequences of dry air. Our Travel Humidifier puts an end to all that, because instead of the ordinary large water tank, it uses water bottles that you can find at any grocery store or convenience store. Just place your water bottle in the unit – it comes with two bottle adaptors that fit almost any water bottle you can buy. Then choose the level of humidification you want with the adjustable mist control. The Travel Humidifier quietly and efficiently moistens the air you breathe.

• Portable – take it with you when you travel

• Cord length of 47 inches

• Cool mist ultrasonic technology

• 120cc per hour humidity output

• Adjustable mist

• Water low indicator

• Quiet operation

• Low power consumption – 15W

• Two different sized bottle adaptors

• Ideal for use at work, in a nursery or for anyone who desires convenience and portability

• White ABS plastic construction

• 100 – 240 input voltage for world travel

• Cannot be used with short neck water bottles

• Plugs into any AC outlet

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Length: 4  Inches
Width: 2.5
Height: 3  Inches
Weight: 1.4 Lbs