The iPhone Wireless Pulse Monitor

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Take your workouts up to the next level with the iPhone Wireless Pulse Monitor. This ingenious monitor easily attaches to your forearm and controls music wirelessly through Bluetooth transmission to communicate with your iPhone or iPod Touch with the downloaded Scosche myTREK App. Its sensors measure and report real time information on your heart rate, training type and number of calories burned while you're working out.

The iPhone Wireless Pulse Monitor

The iPhone Wireless Pulse Monitor also helps you set and achieve your fitness goals based on your personal health information. You can customize your workouts by type of activity and use color-coded training zones to gauge the intensity of your sessions. Put the iPhone's GPS and accelerometer technology to work to report on your speed and distances covered.

Besides tracking your real time physical indicators with advanced, integrated dual LED/optical sensors, the iPhone Wireless Pulse Monitor helps you manage your workout time to maximize results. It tracks your current and past workouts so you can see your fitness progress and even controls your music and provides motivational prompts to keep you going. Bluetooth 2.0 compatible.

• Works with an iPhone® or iPod® Touch

•Lithium ion battery included

• Integrated dual LED/optical sensors take and report real time pulse rates

• Reports calories burned

• Features Bluetooth wireless communication with your device

• Helps set individual fitness goals based on personal health information

• Customizes training sessions by adjusting activity and targeted training zone

• Controls music wirelessly through Bluetooth transmission

• Tracks previous workout stats and overall progress

• Provides motivational voice prompts to help guide you through your workout

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Length: 15.13  Inches
Width: 2.38
Height: 0.50  Inches
Weight: 1 Lbs

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