Travel Filter for Water Filtration Cup

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For international use, this orange Travel Filter for your Water Filtration Cup (Item No. 202481) makes water from virtually any source great tasting and safe. It removes 99.99% of bacteria, including E. Coli., and is effective against odors, flavors, chemicals, toxins and protozoan cysts. This heavy-duty filter is even effective against viruses like Hepatitis A, SARS and Rotavirus. An anti-microbial agent inhibits the growth of mold, bacteria, fungus and mildew between uses. This filter can be used about 300 times: it cleans 40 gallons of water (approximately 3 glasses a day for 3 months) and provides protection when you are traveling outside the United States. Includes one filter.

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Travel Filter for Water Filtration Cup

Buy extra filters for your Water Filtration Cup. This orange Travel Filter gives you safe, great-tasting water when you travel outside the United States. And, it lasts about 3 months.

• Made for the Water Filtration Cup (Item No. 202481)

• Filters water from virtually any source

• Improves taste and smell of water

• Effective against chemicals and toxins

• Effective against bacteria (99.99%)

• Effective against protozoan cysts (99.94%)

• Effective against protozoan viruses (99.99%)

• Filter media G3+

• Press time 30 seconds (per 16 oz.)

• Life span: 300 uses (approx. 40 gallons, or 3 uses per day for 3 months)

• Tested to NSF standards 42 + 53

• Includes one filter

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Length: 2.4  Inches
Width: 2.4
Height: 2.9  Inches
Weight: 0.17 Lbs

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