The Reversible Three Wheel Cruiser

Mobo Shift Cruiser is the responsive and exhilarating three-wheeler unlike any other vehicle of its kind. This single speed cruiser has a reverse gear for easy backward movement – just engage the easy-to-use gear shift and pedal in reverse with smooth maneuverability. Mobo Shift Cruiser is a recumbent tricycle with an extendable steel frame, making it suitable for riders from 4’ to 6’3” tall. The low center of gravity keeps this three-wheeled bike stable and safe for riders of all ages. No chain means no snags, grease or repairs! Handbrakes give you great control for stopping and slowing. All this, plus a killer design!


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The Reversible Three Wheel Cruiser

Throw away any preconceived ideas you have about a three-wheeled bike – the Mobo Shift Cruiser blows them out of the water. This three-wheeled cruiser has a design that will turn heads and start conversations every time you take it out.

A recumbent tricycle is perfectly ergonomic and easy on the lower back – and the Mobo Shift Cruiser recumbent trike has a low center of gravity, with a seat height of just 12”. No other three-wheeled cruiser is safer or more stable for riders of all ages. And the adjustable frame makes it suitable for riders from 4’ to 6’3” tall.

Mobo Shift Cruiser is the three-wheeled cruiser with just one speed. But it has an easy-to-use gear shift that gives you fast reverse capabilities – just engage, and pedal backwards. The hand brakes on this recumbent trike gives you great control when you need to stop or slow down. You’re always in control with this three-wheeled bike from Mobo.

The Mobo Shift Cruiser is the best three-wheeled bike around, here’s why:

• Three-wheeled cruiser has no chain to come loose or fall off

• Recumbent Tricycle maintains low center of gravity

• Great three wheeled bike for most ages and heights

• Adjustable frame is perfect for tall or small

• Available in Red, Blue and Black

• Minimal maintenance

• Adjustable seat for perfect comfort in a recumbent trike

• Front flywheel mechanism connects directly to pedals

• Smooth maneuverability

• Killer design will turn heads while you cruise


Length: 49-62  Inches
Width: 28
Height: 26.5  Inches
Weight: 44 Lbs

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