The Customizable Back Support Brace

Outdated back pain support braces put too much pressure on the abdomen; often creating a whole new problem! With the Hug Back Support Brace, you get all the relief, without added discomfort. Instead, the Hug orthopedic back support brace rests on your sides or pelvic area, wherever is most comfortable for you.

Adjust the Hug to relieve and prevent back pain, while also giving you the extra support you need for correct posture. Hug is a breakthrough design that lets you customize your orthopedic back support while avoiding pressure on sensitive abdominal areas.

Enjoy complete freedom of movement with the Hug back pain support system. Maintain correct lumbar curvature by applying focused support exactly where it is needed. Hug’s patent pending technology the result of many years of clinical care, and developed by a renowned orthopedic surgeon.

• Hug is effective back pain support without abdominal pressure

• Unique design gives you orthopedic back support that corrects posture

• Relieve pain; prevent back pain

• Back pain support is actually comfortable, and allows free movement

• Designed by a renowned orthopedic surgeon

• Sit, walk and play sports with Hug

• Easy on and off orthopedic back support

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Length: 11  Inches
Width: 6
Height: 3  Inches
Weight: 2 Lbs