Talking Hand Exerciser

A strong grip is key for many athletes, from baseball players and golfers to tennis players and bowlers. It’s also important for anyone who uses a keyboard all day, from writers to musicians and IT workers. Our Talking Hand Exerciser is the convenient take along way to work out your fingers, hands and arm muscles – all while a pleasant voice tells you how you’re doing.

• Force displays in pounds or kilograms

• Hear your workout results in talking mode or see them on the LCD display in mute mode

• Maximum grip force is 110 pounds, minimum grip force is 9 pounds

• Maximum accumulated force is 9999.9 pounds

• Maximum number of grips is 999

• Work out hands and fingers to improve flexibility and circulation, train your arm muscles and enhance your grip strength

• Talking handheld digital hand grip with LCD displays

• Voice announces current grip force, accumulated grip force, number of grips and maximum grip force

• Hear instant workout results in a pleasant voice

• Great for the visually impaired

• Take it along and use it at home, the office or when you’re on the road

• Small enough to carry it in your pocket

• Ergonomic grip design fits comfortably in the palm of your hand

• Perfect exercise for anyone who uses a keyboard frequently – writers or musicians

• Ideal exercise for white collar workers, IT workers, golfers, tennis players, bowlers, rock climbers and any sport where grip strength is key

• Engineered with the concept that the more you exercise your fingers, the more strength and force will be transferred to your arm muscles

• Requires 2 AA batteries

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Length: 7.20  Inches
Width: 2.70
Height: 1.40  Inches
Weight: 0.30 Lbs