Tabletop Aquarium with Filtration and Light

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Bring any room or office to life with the space-saving Tabletop Aquarium with Filter and Light. This low-maintenance aquarium comes 100% pre-assembled, with filter, LED lighting, stand and gravel. Just add 2.4 gallons of fresh water (and some freshwater fish) and you can maintain this slim, elegant environment in only 15 minutes a month.

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Tabletop Aquarium with Filtration and Light

Enjoy the style and serenity of an aquarium, without the work. The Tabletop Aquarium with Filter and Light comes fully assembled and requires just 15 minutes of maintenance per month.

• Low maintenance — requires less than 15 minutes per month

• No assembly required — comes pre-assembled with filtration and LED lighting

• Sturdy construction — made of clear acrylic composite and high-impact strength ABS resin

• Revolutionary, self-contained design — just one wire that plugs into AC outlet

• Space-saving design — looks like a 19" LCD television and only 4" thick

• Fits on bookshelf or tabletop

• Submersible filtration system with carbon cartridge

• Specially designed low-voltage LED lighting system

• Submersible, changeable 3D marine background

• Includes aquarium stand

• Includes gravel

• Capacity: 2.4 gallons (9 liters)

• 7.3 lbs. empty/27 lbs. full

• For freshwater fish only — Platys, Tetras, Mollies, Guppies, Neons, Danios, Tiger/Green/Gold Barbs, Goldfish and Betta fish (best kept alone)

• Easy maintenance:

- Replace carbon filter cartridge every four weeks (cartridges sold separately)

- Add 1 cup of water per week to maintain water level

- Wipe down screen with clean sponge as necessary

- Change 4 cups of water every 4 to 6 weeks

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Length: 17  Inches
Width: 4
Height: 12.8  Inches
Weight: 7.3 Lbs

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