Spherical Ice Ball Maker

Why are ice spheres better than ice cubes? Because a sphere has less surface area than a cube, so it melts more slowly and evenly to chill your favorite drink. Impress your guests with the ultimate way to chill your soft drinks, spirits and cocktails!

• Solid aluminum construction

• No electricity required

• Works with gravity power at room temperature

• Compresses and melts ice slab into a perfect 2.6" sphere

• Works in less than a minute

• Chills drinks evenly, without watering them down

• Sphere fits in most barware sizes and shapes, including virtually all double old fashioned glasses, martini, glasses, rocks glasses and wine glasses

• Includes drip pan, tongs and 4 ice molds

• Fun to watch

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Length: 5.5  Inches
Width: 5.5
Height: 8.75  Inches
Weight: 19 Lbs