Soothing Sounds Alarm Clock with Color Display

Most alarms wake you with jarring beeps or loud music, but the Soothing Sounds Alarm Clock with Color Display wakes you gently with a “sunrise” of white LED light, plus your choice of ascending sounds -- buzzer, radio, birds, forest, ocean or rain. Features dual alarm setting for couples, sleep timer for bedtime and a handy nap timer to let you program a wake-up alert (in 5 to 120 minutes) without disturbing your regular alarm settings. During the day, this handy timepiece lets you enjoy FM radio, nature sounds, white LED light, color-changing mood lights and even play your music device through the auxiliary line in.

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Soothing Sounds Alarm Clock with Color Display

Our Soothing Sounds Alarm Clock with Color Display is the gentle way to start your day.

• Large LED time digits with 3 brightness levels

• White LED wake-up light turns on and gently increases in brightness 15 minutes or 30 minutes before alarm sounds

• Wake by buzzer, FM radio or one of four nature sounds -- birds, forest, ocean or rain

• Dual alarm — one for you, one for your partner

• 12- and 24-hour time formats

• Programmable sleep timer (5-120 minutes) shuts off light and sounds to help you fall asleep

• Programmable nap timer (5-120 minutes) wakes you up without disturbing your regular wake-up alarm settings

• Programmable snooze setting (5-60 minutes)

• Digital FM tuner with 10 preset stations

•Digital volume for radio with 15 levels

• Battery back-up preserves the time and settings in case of power outage (3 AAA batteries not included)

•Auxiliary line in for your iPod or other music device

•Power cord included


Length: 5.50  Inches
Width: 5.00
Height: 5.60  Inches
Weight: 2.00 Lbs


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