Soothing Sounds Alarm Clock with Color Display

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Most alarms wake you with jarring beeps or loud music, but the Soothing Sounds Alarm Clock with Color Display wakes you gently with a “sunrise” of white LED light, plus your choice of ascending sounds -- buzzer, radio, birds, forest, ocean or rain. Features dual alarm setting for couples, sleep timer for bedtime and a handy nap timer to let you program a wake-up alert (in 5 to 120 minutes) without disturbing your regular alarm settings. During the day, this handy timepiece lets you enjoy FM radio, nature sounds, white LED light, color-changing mood lights and even play your music device through the auxiliary line in.

Soothing Sounds Alarm Clock with Color Display

Our Soothing Sounds Alarm Clock with Color Display is the gentle way to start your day.

• Large LED time digits with 3 brightness levels

• White LED wake-up light turns on and gently increases in brightness 15 minutes or 30 minutes before alarm sounds

• Wake by buzzer, FM radio or one of four nature sounds -- birds, forest, ocean or rain

• Dual alarm — one for you, one for your partner

• 12- and 24-hour time formats

• Programmable sleep timer (5-120 minutes) shuts off light and sounds to help you fall asleep

• Programmable nap timer (5-120 minutes) wakes you up without disturbing your regular wake-up alarm settings

• Programmable snooze setting (5-60 minutes)

• Digital FM tuner with 10 preset stations

•Digital volume for radio with 15 levels

• Battery back-up preserves the time and settings in case of power outage (3 AAA batteries not included)

•Auxiliary line in for your iPod or other music device

•Power cord included

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Length: 5.50  Inches
Width: 5.00
Height: 5.60  Inches
Weight: 2.00 Lbs

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