Soothing Sleep Assistant

How many times has your mind raced during the night to where you could not fall asleep? You’d almost be willing to try almost any insomnia treatment – but the Soothing Sleep Assistant is a natural sleep aid that uses a gentle relaxation light. External cues will help your body relax, and help you turn off your racing thoughts.

You may not need an insomnia cure – only a sleep assistant! . This gentle insomnia treatment is drug free, completely natural, and recommended by respected doctors and sleep doctors. The Soothing Sleep Assistant is your sleep coach that helps you reduce the levels of stress hormones, making way for the secretion of melatonin – all with proper breathing techniques.

This natural sleep aid uses the gentle waves of a blue light – a light that won’t disturb others – to help you relax your breathing and fall asleep. You might find this to be the only “insomnia cure” you need – and it’s so affordable, as well as being all natural and safe.

• Insomnia treatment is completely drug free

• This natural sleep aid helps you calm your body and racing mind

• The blue light is the insomnia treatment that won’t disturb others

• Sleep, work and live better with this all natural insomnia cure

• Natural sleep aid has a 30 day guarantee

• This insomnia cure is more effective than sound machines

• Removes the anxiety and work of other relaxation techniques

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Length: 3  Inches
Width: 2.5
Height: 1  Inches
Weight: 0.22 Lbs


Please click here for the product manual.