Sony Digital Noise Cancelling Headphones

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Experience the premium headphones that give you superior sound quality as they tune out the outside noise and distractions. Whether you’re on a plane or train, or just trying to concentrate at the office or at home, these Digital Noise Cancelling Headphones deliver stellar audio and stunning digital noise reduction of up to 98.2%. These headphones use Artificial Intelligence technology that analyzes the sounds around you to select the perfect noise cancelling mode, and have a sophisticated digital equalizer to revitalize the audio signal prior to playing. Ideal for travel, they have a unique dual-fold system to reduce their size and a premium case for protection. Requires one AAA battery that lasts for up to 22 hours of listening time.

Sony Digital Noise Cancelling Headphones

• Blocks out up to 98.2% of outside noise distractions

• Switch from Noise Cancelling Mode and use Passsive Listening Mode to save on battery use

• Includes airplane adapter to use on your next flight

• Comfortable fit with adjustable headband and complete coverage of the ear

• Requires only one AAA battery that gives 22 hours of listening time

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Length: 6.5  Inches
Width: 2.82
Height: 9.5  Inches
Weight: 1.35 Lbs

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