Solar Powered Hydrogen Car

Learn the ins and outs of cutting edge automotive technology by building your own Solar Powered Hydrogen Car, and then have the fun of driving it via remote control. Instead of running on disposable batteries, the Solar Powered Hydrogen Car runs on its own hydrogen fuel cell and solar power. This car runs on a combination of water and solar power to generate an electric charge. 

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Hydrogen Cell Car

Pour water into the hydrogen refueling station and activate the solar panel—if it's not sunny, simply insert a couple of batteries. The solar panel generates an electric charge and applies it to the water, resulting in electrolysis. The water splits into hydrogen molecules (H2) and oxygen molecules (O). The refueling station releases the oxygen into the air and sends the hydrogen to the Solar Powered Hydrogen Car via the hose, where it enters the car's Proton Exchange Membrane fuel cell. In the fuel cell, the hydrogen generates an electrical current and recombines with oxygen from the air and the car releases the resulting water vapor.

• The Solar Powered Hydrogen Car can drive about 100 meters (328 feet) at approximately 25 meters per minute on a full fuel cell

• Hands-on learning about the future auto technology

• Includes solar cell, hydrogen station, remote control

• Comes with all car assembly parts, manual and experiment guide

• 2 AA batteries are required if using indoor or not using the included solar panel

• Assembly required

• For age 8 and up


Length: 6  Inches
Width: 3
Height: 2  Inches
Weight: 1 Lbs


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