Solar Powered Fountain and Bird Bath

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Whether it is sunny or grey, the Solar Powered Fountain and Bird Bath will attract nature’s fashion show to your yard with the soothing sounds of moving water. In direct sunlight the patented integral underwater solar panel and pump keep the water splashing. It will even keep splashing if the sun goes behind a cloud. If the clouds roll in to stay, the included 4.8-volt battery pack will keep the fountain gurgling and the birds happy for up to 6 hours when fully charged. In 1 or 2 sunny days the battery is fully charged again. Looks great in any garden or on any patio.

Solar Powered Fountain and Bird Bath

Nothing is as relaxing as the sound of splashing water – birds love it, and so do people! But having to wire a fountain in your garden is a little too much do-it-yourself for most people. With the Solar Powered Fountain and Bird Bath all you have to do is place it on your patio or in your garden, fill it with 2.5 gallons of water and enjoy! The new Solar-on-Demand technology takes the solar garden fountain to the next level. It gives you the ability to control when you want your fountain to run; day or night!

• Resin fountain and bird bath with attractive black iron finish

• Attract birds that won’t come to feeders

• Patented underwater integral solar panel and pump system

• On a full charge the battery will run for 6 hours without the sun

• No wiring, simply install and enjoy

• No operating costs

• Includes a 4.8-volt battery pack

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Length: 20.5  Inches
Width: 20.5
Height: 29.5  Inches
Weight: 21 Lbs

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