Solar Charging iPad Case

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With the Solar Charging iPad Case having more than 10 days of battery life is just the beginning. This innovative case does it all – a protective case for your iPad2 or the newest iPad that can be configured into a keyboard stand for easier typing or a movie stand for watching films or TV. In addition to charging the iPad from either indoor or outdoor light it features a USB power outlet that will charge headsets, cameras, or cell phones. Plus it includes an HDMI adaptor for viewing movies or surfing the web on your HDTV. The Solar Charging iPad Case is like a Swiss Army knife for your iPad! Fits either iPad 2 or the new iPad generation 3

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Solar Charging iPad Case

Using advanced solar technology that transforms sunlight or indoor light into energy and an integrated rechargeable battery, the Solar Charging iPad Case just might be the most useful accessory on the planet for your iPad2 or newest iPad. This self-charging battery backup case stores energy continuously and automatically charges your iPad day or night. It even has a feature that helps you find a lost iPad – just snap your fingers or clap and the case will beep back at you to let you know where it is!

• Integrated solar panels transform indoor or outdoor light into energy

• With about two hours use a day and normal lighting conditions get an average of up to an impressive 10 days iPad use

• Fits either iPad 2 or the new iPad generation 3

• HDMI output port – connect the case to your HDTV to watch, videos, and anything with a signal to the iPad’s component port

• Keyboard stand – makes it easy to type

• USB charging port – charges cameras, headsets or cell phones

• Made of eco-friendly grains and finished with a soft rubberized feel

• Easy access to camera and controls

• Auto sleep/wake cover built in to the protective flap

• Typing position - stainless steel pegs in back of case to prop up at a comfortable typing angle

• Movie Position- use the cover as a stand in either portrait or landscape position making it perfect to watch movies, read recipes and more

• Snap locator – can’t find you iPad? Snap your fingers, clap or whistle and the case will beep back so you can locate it

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Length: 7.5  Inches
Width: 0.75
Height: 10.7  Inches
Weight: 1.7 Lbs

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