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Turn your iPhone or any other smartphone into your private detective to track down all those things you typically have trouble finding. Put "Honey have you seen my keys?" "Hey, who moved my briefcase?" and "Does anyone remember where I left my phone?" behind you forever. Download the free CobraTag™ app from your smartphone's app store and attach the Personal Item Locator "tag" to anything that keeps getting away from you. When any tagged item gets too far away from your smartphone The Personal Item Locator sends you an alert, then tracks the item down by GPS and lets you know where it is.

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Smartphone Personal Item Locator

But what if you lose your smartphone? Simply press the button on a tag, to make the paired phone ring. And for extra security, you can remotely lock your phone with the PhoneHalo™ app to lock it so intruders can't access your information. The Personal Item Locator can actually record your tagged item's GPS location and the time of day it became separated, and then sends this information to you via email, text message, or a linked Facebook or Twitter account.

• Download the free CobraTag app from your smartphones app store

• Attach the included fob to "tag" the items you want to keep track of

• Alerts you to 2-way separation between your Smartphone and tagged items

• Prompts misplaced phone or tagged item to ring

• Maps where you lost your phone or other belongings

• PhoneHalo™ application can be set to lock your phone when out of range of your tagged item

• Tap the button on the CobraTag fob to ring your Smartphone

• Records when and where your items went missing, for delivery via email, text message, or a Facebook or Twitter account

• Maps the route between you and your lost belongings

Works with Android, Blackberry and iPhones

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