Alen A375 - Smart Sensor Air Purifier

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How smart is the Alen A375 - Smart Sensor Air Purifier? SmartSensor technology detects allergens and pollutants in your air, and then adjusts air purification levels – automatically! This amazing air purifier removes 98% of particles in your 650 square foot space, and helps you maintain a cleaner household by reducing the dust. Breath easier knowing this purifier is capturing the dust, dander, mold and pollen that could be making you and your family suffer. Create an allergy and asthma friendly environment through 3 layers of filter technology that purifies and freshens air. Includes remote and HEPA Fresh Filter. Wall or floor mount. 12-hour timer. Plugs into AC outlet.

Alen A375 - Smart Sensor Air Purifier

Your polluted air first passes through the washable pre-filter to capture large particles. Next, air moves through HEPA-style material to capture dust, dander, mold and pollen – along with other airborne pollutants. On the third pass, the now-clean air passes through activated carbon to reduce light odors and household chemicals from pets, food, cleaning products and smoke. Plus, the Alen A375 - Smart Sensor Air Purifier adjusts air purification levels as needed when detecting allergens and pollutants. Amazing.

• Features 3 layers of filter technology to purify and freshen your air

• HEPA style filtration captures dust, allergens and airborne pollutants

• Activated carbon layer traps light odors and chemicals (VOCs) from common household products that can trigger allergies and asthma

• Ionizer charges particles, causing them to clump together for improved filtration

• SmartSensor technology automatically adjusts filtration levels based on level of airborne pollutants

• Includes remote control and HEPA-Fresh Filter

• Unit can also be used with HEPA-Silver and HEPA-OdorCell filters, sold online separately

• 4 fan speeds with a 12 hour timer to control air circulation

• Filter change indicator light keeps replacements on schedule

• Remote control conveniently manages features

• Wall-mountable for space saving or can be placed on the floor

• Digital display with simple and intuitive touch button controls

• Auto-off safety feature when front cover is removed

• Filter designed for easy replacement

• Additional filters available online

• Plugs into an AC outlet

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Length: 21  Inches
Width: 9.5
Height: 20  Inches
Weight: 22 Lbs