Sleep Improving Wrist Band

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Modern sleep science meets the ancient Chinese art of acupuncture in our Sleep Improving Wrist Band, a biofeedback device designed to help you sleep better! Wear it on the wrist to stimulate vital acupuncture points — small electrical pulses will cause your body to increase production of the sleep-inducing hormone Melatonin. Try it to reduce or even eliminate the effects of tension, swing shift work or jet lag. Improves your sleep quality gradually in 3 to 6 weeks. Not for use by those with a pacemaker.

Sleep Improving Wrist Band

Our Sleep Improving Wrist Band provides a natural solution to sleep deprivation by electronically stimulating three traditional sleep acupuncture points on the wrist – which helps your body release more sleep-inducing Melatonin into your bloodstream.

• Biofeedback device designed to help you sleep better

• Electronic pulses stimulate your body to produce more Melatonin, a sleep-inducing hormone that decreases with age

• Special double frequency massage acts on specific sleep-aid points, which also improves sleep quality and relieves stress

• Based on traditional Chinese belief that 3 specific sleep aid points on the inner wrist (Day-Ling point, Ney-Guan point and Shern-Men Point) are responsible for stress relief and sleep inducement

• Wear for 30 minutes daily, 30 minutes before bed

• Pulse amplitude – fixed 235 mA peak into 1000 Ohm

• Pulse rate – fixed 16 seconds/cycle

• Releases an asymmetrical bi-phase square pulse

• Operates on 1 included AAA battery

• Includes 1 tube (20 ml) of connectivity gel

• Extra connectivity gel available at (Item No. 203666)

• Not for use by those with a pacemaker

PLEASE NOTE: This is a personal care item and is returnable if in its original unopened packaging and unused condition.

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