Sinus Relieving System

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Safer than drugs, more effective than pots, this pulsatile Sinus Relieving System gently removes foreign matter and eliminates congestion. Studies show that this Sinus Relieving System actually makes your sinus cilia, your body's first line of defense against contagions and pollens, actually work better, and your breath will be fresher; all in all, you’ll feel clearer and more refreshed with these drug-free 3-minute treatments than with drugs or other remedies. This Sinus Relieving System plugs in, and allows a warm saline solution to work with your body to massage sinus and nose cilia, helping to restore your natural health and defenses.

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Sinus Relieving System

Imagine breathing clearer again, without the drowsiness or dryness that are side effects of powerful sinus medications. This Sinus Relieving System provides pulsatile nasal and sinus irrigation, using saline or nasal moisturizing solution. It washes away foreign matter, crusts and other undesirable materials, while gently and effectively massaging your nose and sinus cilia. This treatment is gentle, and you will immediately feel more refreshed as you breathe easier and clearer than you have in a long while. The Sinus Relieving System helps restore the health of your cilia, leaving you better able to fight off pollens and contagion that cause your sinuses such discomfort in the first place!

• Drug free, 3-minute treatment

• Use with saline or enhanced nasal moisturizing solution

• Tank holds 16 oz of water/solution for a 3 minute session (1 ½ min. per side)

• Use once a day while systems occur

• Cleanses sinuses and massages cilia of the nose and sinuses

• Restores normal, healthy state to nose and sinuses

• Prescribed and used by leading university medical centers

• Includes a 3-way advanced breath freshener system (research shows that breath problems can stem from nose and throat)

• First and only pulsating system specifically for nasal and sinus irrigation

• Clinically proven to make your sinus cilia work better (this is the body’s first line of defense again contagion, pollen and foreign matter)

• Restores your body’s health and defense system

• The only system purpose-built for *pulsatile* sinus irrigation

• Portable. Plugs into AC outlet

• Comes with base unit, 2 sinus tips, 2 throat tips/tongue cleaners, irrigation solution samples and complete instructions

PLEASE NOTE: This is a personal care item and is returnable if in its original unopened packaging and unused condition.

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Length: 7  Inches
Width: 5.25
Height: 7.25  Inches
Weight: 2.53 Lbs

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