Shower Filter System

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Chlorine can strip your hair of its natural oils and leave skin dry. But the BPA-free Shower Filter System removes harmful synthetic chemicals and over 90% of chlorine from your shower water to leave you with softer skin and shinier hair. You’ll also enhance the performance of bath products and hair treatments, so you use less. Features multiple massage spray settings and easy installation — simply unscrew your current shower head and replace with the Shower Filter System. Filter lasts for 6 months (about 10,000 gallons).

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Shower Filter System

The Shower Filter System removes chlorine and other chemicals from your shower to leave your skin and hair softer and shinier than ever.

• Removes harmful synthetic chemicals

• Removes 91% of chlorine (for 10,000 gallons)

• Enhances performance of bath products, shampoos and hair treatments

• Multiple massage spray settings

• Easy, do-it-yourself installation (screws onto your existing 0.5" shower arm)

• Includes 1 filter

• Max flow rate: 2.5 gallons per minute

• Filter lasts for 6 months (about 10,000 gallons at 2.5 gallons per minute = 4,000 minutes of showering, or 400 10-minute showers or 267 15-minute showers

• Operating pressure: 80 psi

• Operating temperature: 115°F

• Unique, dual-stage, upflow design

• How it works: First copper/zinc media reacts with chemicals in your shower water to create an oxidation reduction process (or redox) to effectively change free chlorine in your water into harmless water-soluble chloride. Benign, water-soluble chloride will not strip your hair or skin of their protective oils and proteins and will not evaporate into toxic shower steam. Second, coconut shell carbon filters synthetic chemicals and further reduces chlorine for the healthiest shower water possible.

• BPA-free

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Length: 9  Inches
Width: 6
Height: 3  Inches
Weight: 3 Lbs

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